About Aneta Lighting

Aneta Lighting is a full supplier of lighting to the private and professional markets, primarily in the Nordic region. We aim to satisfy customers with a wide and attractive range, good service and competitive prices.
Aneta Lighting consists of Aneta Lighting AB in Växjö, Sweden and Aneta Lighting AS in Kristiansand, Norway. The company is part of the Norwegian group Byggma ASA.
Aneta Lighting AB (formerly Aneta Belysning AB) was established in 1947 and Aneta Lighting AS (formerly Scan Lamps AS) was established in 1983.
Over the years, the company has been engaged in the production of decorative home lighting and lampshades. Since the 1990s, production has been relocated to our partners in the Far East.
Design and product development continue to take place within our own organization in Sweden and Norway.
Today, our product range is divided into two categories:

  • Aneta HOME is our range of decorative home lighting that is sold via a wide network of reputable retailers in the Nordic region.
  • Aneta PROFESSIONAL is our range of professional functional lighting sold via electricity wholesalers in the Nordic region.

We have long been one of the market-leading players in the category of decorative home lighting for lighting specialist retailers, furniture and building materials stores in Scandinavia.

Since 2017, we have developed our own range of professional functional lighting that meets installers’ needs for installation-friendly products. This is a market segment Aneta Lighting will invest more in in the future.



Since 1988, Aneta Lighting AS has had a separate department for VTA (Permanently Facilitated Work) for people who need specially arranged work in a sheltered business.

We now have a nice subsidiary–Scan Lamps VTA AS–with 21 enthusiastic and motivated participants, several of whom have been with us since the start in 1988.

The department works, with unloading of containers, packing of lamps, labelling and repacking and marking and has also  many assignments internally for the Byggma Group with production of wallpaper books, sample collections of wall panels, packing of screws etc.


Aneta Lighting is part of the Byggma ASA Group, which is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with a ticker BMA. Byggma ASA owns production and trading companies such as Forestia AS, Huntonit AS, Smartpanel AS, Uldal AS, AS Byggform and Masonite Beams AB.

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